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Are you ready to party with Vertical Step Party 2?  Turn your step and come join this exciting new step routine.  The party starts with a easy to follow warm-up and continues with 6 fun combos and 6 "Power Parties."    The party continues when we put all the combos together in the Vertical Step Party 2 Power Party. This workout will get your heart pumping and your body burning and turning. Then we will end the party with a nice relaxing cool down on the floor.

Workout Length: 50-55 minutes

Equipment Needed:  Step

DVD Features:  Plan Your Own Party (Chapter Menu) to customize your own workout specfic to your needs.

Katina Hunter
Nurse Practitioner
AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor

Medical/Legal Disclaimer
This information is only a recommendation to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. One must consult your physician
before beginning any exercise and nutritional program based on your medical history and physical examination.