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Tired of the horizontal step and the same old choreography?  Turn your step and have a party with this exciting new and fun step routine.  This step workout will keep you partying from the warm up to the cool-down.  The party starts with an awesome floor warm up that is then incorporated into the step.  The party continues with four unique combos that are composed of surprise “power parties.”  The power parties will challenge your cardiovascular endurance and take your aerobic training to another level.  The combos have exciting new moves like rock don’t stop, funky, basketball quarter hop, etc.  No the party is not over--  we split the routine and incorporate all of the power parties in a combo in the Vertical Step Power Party segment.  You will be “Stepping in the name of LOVE.”

Katina Hunter
Nurse Practitioner
AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor

Medical/Legal Disclaimer
This information is only a recommendation to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. One must consult your physician
before beginning any exercise and nutritional program based on your medical history and physical examination.