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This is an awesome, easy to follow hi-low routine with interval surprises throughout the workout. You are guaranteed to have an interval party!!!
Interval Party 2
-- Hi/low floor workout
Level: Beginners to advance
Length: 50-60 minutes
Content: 6 combos and 6 intervals
Style: Mix of dance, athletic, and kickbox moves
Signature Moves: Low slow, High Quick, Pop N Lock, Chris Cross Jump
Music: Instrumental -- good beats -- also 1-2 recognizable 80-90's instrumental songs mixed in
Equipment: Weights for Party Mix
Disc features: Party Mix (premixes)
1. Combo mix -- combos only (quick steady state workout) with bi/tricep workout
2. Interval mix-- intervals only (quick calorie burn workout) with chest/back workout
Plan your own Party (chapters)-- choose your own segments

Katina Hunter
Nurse Practitioner
AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor

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